The Flash Point Living Skills Course

“One of the best programs I’ve seen in 40 years. It cuts off all escape routes by placing responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the client. I feel the material will be readily understood by hurting people who are sincere about dealing with their life controlling issues. I found the program to be both psychologically and spiritually sound.”

Emmett Solomon, past President, Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America, Huntsville, TX

This 2-day Living Skills Course is for therapeutic counselors, teachers and pastors in churches, treatment centers, for-profit and non-profit organizations that serve at-risk populations such as troubled parishioners, the homeless, recovering addicts and former offenders. It has been taught at treatment centers, homeless shelters, churches, prisons and nonprofit organizations across the country.

“The objective of this course is to provide workshop participants with the Living Skills they need to attain the personal growth, spiritual development and physical well-being needed to establish the clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment.”

These at-risk populations often lack the skills, tools education or experience to attain the affordable housing, dependable transportation, meaningful work, healthy relationships, financial stability or spiritual well-being they need to get from where they are (at the Crossroads of Uncertainty) to where they need to be (on the Path to Peace & Fulfillment). These populations are unique in that they often have more hurdles and obstacles to overcome than the average citizen, e.g.:

  • Spotty work history
  • Addiction issues
  • No financial reserves
  • No supportive family network
  • A prison record
  • Inadequate education
  • Gang affiliations

With so many odds stacked against them, it is little wonder they stay locked in The Cycle of Discontent, returning to their drug of choice, gang affiliations and a life of crime, dysfunction or poverty. Behavioral Science has taught us that how we think and what we believe (our individual Worldviews) dictates or behavior or actions, which in turn have some kind of outcome or consequence. A large portion of the treatment industry focuses on changing their clients’ behavior and a few focusing on reshaping their Worldview.

However, in order to change a client’s behavior, it will be necessary to go further upstream to the client’s Database fo Knowledge & Experience (all that they have learned from their family of origin, authority figures, peers, logic and reason, intuition, and sensory perception) which shapes their Worldview. This in turn, will create a different Worldview, which will result in different behavior, which will have a different consequence, which then reinforces or challenges the information in their Database of Knowledge & Experience. The Flash Point Living Skills Course is a 2-day, faith-based workshop that incorporates Baxter’s 18 years of teaching this course by utilizing his street-smart translation skills as well as key principles from Cognitive Therapy, Transcendentalism, Pragmatism and the scriptures. These skills will add new ideas and information to their Database of Knowledge & Experience and are designed to address any problem these clients might have.

This course is designed for adult men and women who have been “clean” or whose lives have been stabilized for at least 60-90 days and are genuinely looking for a way to change their circumstances and station in life. To facilitate the educational process, this course utilizes numerous handouts, visual aids and props to drive home the concepts presented.
Your organization can book this 2-day workshop for your clients based on our excellent references, endorsements and testimonials below.

A second option would be for us to provide your organization with a free ½ day workshop for your clients (your only costs will be travel and expenses). Once you have seen the enthusiastic reception of your clients to the course material you can then book a 2-day “train-the-trainer” workshop for your ministers, teachers and counselors. The fee for this train-the-trainer workshop is dependent on the number of participants.

Praise and endorsements for the Flash Point Living Sills Course

“Your workshop was one of the most innovative programs I have ever experienced. Your material and presentation were excellent, and the evaluations were extremely positive. I will continue to recommend your program to anyone who wants a no-nonsense practical method for helping people with life controlling problems to be free.”

Dr. Michael Haynes, President, The Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute. Temple, TX

“I believe that the principles espoused in your workshop were timely and eternal. They certainly have the applicability in the life of anyone who is endeavoring to change his behavior. If applied, they will surely change one’s worldview and help him to transition from where he is to where he is going. The practical illustrations that you used to emphasize some of the concepts were well suited to some of the more concrete thinkers, while your abstractions were easy to grasp.”

Charles Boykin, Mgr. of Program Services, Star of Hope Men’s Shelter, Houston, TX

“The receptivity of the students is far greater than we had expected. I have spent almost 30 years in the ministry, and I have known few individuals with the power to hold the attention of the audience, and the ability to draw them into an active role in the study, as well as you. I would strongly recommend this material to anyone looking for a way to change the way they think and act.”

George D. Lowery, The Open Door Mission Men’s Shelter, Houston, TX

“This program utilizes strategies in helping individuals come to the realization that change is possible, and they could succeed. It has been very beneficial to the Parole Division in providing intervention and education to assist us in meeting the needs of former offenders, and in our efforts to change behavior and reduce recidivism.”

Ms. Ivy Anderson York, TX Dept. of Criminal Justice, Houston TX

“We were all very impressed with your model for growth and change. The Five Steps and everything that they entail would be extremely beneficial to our clients.”

Bernie Fotch, Mgr. CENIKOR Foundation, Inc., residential treatment center, Houston, TX

“Your workshop has proven to be so effective that it’s now a component of the program. I have been involved with prisoners for over a decade and I have never seen inmates respond the way they respond to you. You have the ability to communicate what I call “truth principles” to inmates at their level; you make complicated issues seem simple.”

Tommie Dorsett, Program Director, The InnerChange Freedom Initiative, Prison Fellowship Ministries, Carol Vance Prison Unit, Sugar Land, TX

“Thank you very much. We have already begun using the suggestions you made. We had graduation today and several of our clients expressed how much they appreciated your group session with them. Thank you again for your participation in the recovery process fo our clients.”

Dr. Gerald Mahone-Lewis, LCDC, Program Manager, Christian Farms Tree House Residential Treatment Center, Temple, TX