The Flash Point Process: 5-Steps to Peace & Fulfillment

Purpose, Direction & Meaning in an Uncertain World

“Your workshop was one of the most innovative programs I have ever experienced. Your material and presentation were excellent, and the evaluations were extremely positive. I will continue to recommend your program to anyone who wants a no-nonsense practical guide for helping people with life controlling problems to be free.”

Dr. Michael Haynes, President, The Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute. Temple, TX

The 5-Steps will facilitate your efforts to obtain the life balance you need to establish a clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning – the three prerequisites for Peace & Fulfillment. This faith-based workshop serves as a practical guide for those times when you find yourself at a Crossroads of Uncertainty, without a sustainable measure of peace or fulfillment. A “Crossroads of Uncertainty” is any juncture in life when you find yourself at an impasse, crippled by fear, worry or uncertainty, and are unclear about which way to turn or path to take.

This impasse could exist when you are faced with what appears to be an unsurmountable problem, and you don’t have the knowledge, skills or experience to solve it. It could also exist when you are disillusioned with a relationship, career or spiritual path. In addition, you might be experiencing discontent with your current circumstances or station in life, and you long for things to change – and change NOW.

The Flash Point Process is designed to address this disillusionment when your secular or spiritual beliefs have not provided you with the means to attain sobriety, save your marriage overcome your divine discontent or attain affordable housing, meaningful work, dependable transportation, financial stability, healthy relationships or peace and fulfillment.

“The primary objective of the Flash Point Process is to facilitate your efforts to bring into being the clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment.”

The 5-Steps, coupled with the four ACTION ITEMS accompanying each step, constitute a course of instruction we refer to as, “The Flash Point Process.” It’s been my observation that individuals armed with a clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning have the means, the will and the confidence to meet all their needs. In order to meet these needs, this course will challenge you to launch an “Experiment in Living Deliberately.”

With a sense of purpose, you have a reason for making your journey through life, which in turn, provides you with the determination and strength of will to work through life’s problems, challenges and uncertainties.

With a clear sense of direction, you will know with certainty where you are, and where you are going. A clear sense of direction will lead you to the path that will provide the ideas and experience you need to solve your problems, meet all your needs, and fulfill your purpose.

With a clear sense of meaning you will be able to grasp the significance of the relationships, events and experience that come with your journey to Peace & Fulfillment, and why these experiences are in your life today. A clear sense of meaning enables you to advance confidently from one crossroads in life to the next.

A Summary of the 5-Steps*

Step #1: Ask the Question – How to launch an “Experiment in Living Deliberately” by asking the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?” You will learn the value of examining the elements that have shaped your perception of reality; your Worldview. You will also learn how to create a more balanced life by making the decision to Live Deliberately. In addition, you will learn how to identify and define better the nature of your problem(s) by utilizing the “Reality Touchstone” to assess your thoughts, beliefs and actions. When you ask this question, the Lord will provide the guidance you need.

Step #2: Make the Commitment – How to cultivate a more credible Worldview by making the Commitment to See Clearly; to see things as they really are instead of how you think they are or want them to be. You will need to make this commitment in order to see clearly what it is you have been thinking, believing or doing that has led you to this particular crossroads in life. You will also learn how to establish a clear sense of PURPOSE, the value of viewing life as God’s Classroom without Walls, and how to identify any roadblocks that might be blocking your forward progress.

Step #3: Extend the Invitation – How to bring quickly into being the lessons and experience from this Classroom that are most essential for meeting your needs, answering your questions, solving your problem(s) and fulfilling that purpose. You will learn how to accelerate this process by dropping your “Checklist of Wants & Desires,” creating the necessary “Conduits of Opportunity” and the receptivity necessary to bring what’s needed into being.

Step #4: Pay Attention – How to recognize the path or course of action that will provide those lessons and that experience. You will learn how to attain a clear sense of DIRECTION by paying conscious attention to what is taking place within and around you. You will also learn the value of heeding your “Internal Guidance System,” trusting your “Inner Voice,” and being mindful of the “Perils & Pitfalls of Choice.”

Step #5: Embrace the Experience – How to grasp the significance of the people, circumstances and events the Lord has provided for your path in order to attain a clear sense of MEANING from your life experience. You will learn the value of accepting responsibility for and the embracing of, the people and events that come with your particular path, in order to learn what they have come to teach you. You will also learn how to sustain your new-found Peace & Fulfillment from one crossroads to the next.

*For an overview of the 5-Steps, see the flow chart at the end of this section.

The “How?” Question- At least once in their life, every individual would like to experience a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment, but the question always boils down to, “How?” These “How” questions can take many forms, but they are generally some variation of, “How do I get from where I am to where I need to be?” Below are some typical “How?” questions that our seminar participants long to have answered:

  • “How can I know God’s Will for my life?”
  • “How can I acquire a clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning?”
  • “How can I find the path or course of action that will provide a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment?”
  • “How do I change my circumstances or station in life?”
  • “How can I cultivate healthy relationships?”
  • “How do I find the means for attaining affordable housing, financial stability, dependable transportation, meaningful work and spiritual well-being?”
  • “How can I overcome my addiction?”
  • “How do I save my troubled marriage?”

One would think that, after scores of worldwide religions, hundreds of Eastern gurus and New Age mystics, centuries of philosophical ideologies and thousands of self-help books, these “HOW?” questions would be relatively easy to answer. Apparently not, because a 2010 Barna Group survey revealed that 86% of Americans lack a clear sense of purpose and meaning.

Many of our seminar participants have expressed that they have tried in vain to use their logic and reason, the strength of their will as well as prayer, fasting and scripture study to fill their void of purpose, direction and meaning. Other individuals have tried being good and doing good, as well as adhering to all the creeds, traditions and doctrines of their church, but lack the navigational tools, skills or experience necessary to attain Peace & Fulfillment. Still others have tried to attain Peace & Fulfillment through the search for worldly success e.g. power, position or material possessions, but without the desired outcome.

This workshop will make the case that pursuing worldly wants and desires can be a major roadblock to attaining a sense of Peace & Fulfillment. And last, but possibly the most crucial factor that creates a void of Peace & Fulfillment is, that there is something wrong or invalid about your thoughts, beliefs and actions that is blocking your path to purpose, direction and meaning. The Flash Point Process is grounded in a philosophy I call Primessentialism:

“At the core of Primessentialism is the quest for what needs to be – the first, best and most essential path that will provide the experience necessary to establish the clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain Peace & Fulfillment.”

The Five Themes of Primessentialism

To seek first, God’s Will, will reveal the path to …

Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and Physical Well-Being which in turn will provide the life balance necessary to establish a …

Clear sense of Purpose, Direction and Meaning which makes your life…

Whole or Complete and from this state of being you will experience a …

Sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment.