The Flash Point Process


This book serves as a spiritual guide to help individuals attain the personal growth, spiritual development and physical well-being necessary to make their life complete.

The Flash Point Process is a street-smart, problem-solving model designed to help you meet your needs for affordable housing, meaningful work, healthy relationships, dependable transportation, financial stability and spiritual well-being.

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5 reviews for The Flash Point Process

  1. Charles Wallis, Past President, Worldwide Refinishing

    “If you are wondering about which direction to go or feel lost in an area of your life, this book is a great read to help you focus and what is right, just and best for you.”

  2. Constance Silvestri-Shellhorn, Adjunct Academic Advisor, College of Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio

    I would highly recommend this book.  The author speaks from experience with vulnerability & honesty. The principles have been carefully thought out & supported.  A “map” is even provided – his “Flash Point Process” diagram is the short version of the book. A brilliantly simple & inspired book giving detailed guidance on finding one’s way to peace & contentment.”

  3. Ryan Porter, Insight, Inc.

    “I started using steps outlined in this book before I had finished reading the final pages. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone because happiness is only gained through a knowledge of Truth and this book provides sound foundational principles for the attainment of Truth. A truth seekers handbook, providing a simple yet powerful formula to attain peace, purpose, and change in an ever-increasing world of confusion and chaos.”

  4. Emmett Solomon, past President, Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America, Huntsville, TX

    “One of the best programs I’ve seen in 40 years. It cuts off all escape routes by placing responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the client. I feel the material will be readily understood by hurting people who are sincere about dealing with their life controlling issues. I found the program to be both psychologically and spiritually sound.”

  5. Dr. Michael Haynes, President, The Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute. Temple, TX

    “Your workshop was one of the most innovative programs I have ever experienced. Your material and presentation were excellent, and the evaluations were extremely positive. I will continue to recommend your program to anyone who wants a no-nonsense practical method for helping people with life controlling problems to be free.”

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