Pastors & Ministers, Welcome to the Flashpoint Institute

As a fellow minister, I have witnessed first-hand the many challenges facing today’s clergy. While from the outside, a chapel filled with a smartly-dressed congregation can appear well-adjusted and serene. However, from the inside, their minister knows from counseling these members, that things are not always as they appear, and these congregations can harbor a host of problems. I know from experience that it can be overwhelming for the minister to try and solve the challenges and problems his or her congregation are trying to cope with, e.g. marital problems, addiction issues, mental, physical or sexual abuse, financial mismanagement, out of control teenagers, infidelity, loneliness, plus a wide range of mental health issues. To take some of the pressure off you, the minister, the Flash Point Institute offers three problem-solving seminars that train will your members to solve their problems themselves.

1. The Flash Point Seminar. This 8-hour Flash Point Seminar teaches seminar participants how to utilize a faith-based approach to identifying and solving their problems, e.g. how to attain affordable housing, meaningful work, dependable transportation, financial stability, healthy relationships, and spiritual well-being. The seminar provides a 5-Step proven process to help participants attain the sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment. The basic premise of the program is that when they seek first, God’s Will they will find the path that will get them from where they are (at The Crossroads of Uncertainty) to where they need to (on the path to Peace & Fulfillment). The more self-reliant the congregation in identifying and solving their problems, the more time the minister has to teach and guide his or her flock to salvation.

2. The Flash Point Single Adult Seminar. One of the biggest challenges facing today’s ministers is to provide their single adult population with a proven tool that will help these individuals find their “most essential relationship.” This 8-Hour Single Adult Seminar will provide a concrete, 5-Step process for establishing this relationship by seeking guidance and direction from the Lord. Seminar participants will learn the value of examining their current circumstance and station in life, and how these circumstances could be blocking their ability to find a meaningful relationship. They will also learn how to see themselves as they really are, instead of how they think they are or might want themselves to be. Instead of the heartache of one failed relationship after another, they will be challenged to abandon the “dating game,” and invite the Lord to send them the relationship that is most essential for their life today. Knowing in advance that when they extend this invitation they need to be prepared for a transitional relationship, no relationship or “the relationship.” Instead of trying to choose their companion will be provided with an alternate approach to dating. This ”alternate approach” will suggest that when they trust the Lord to provide for companionship they will be able to recognize the next individual that is most essential for meeting their needs. This seminar places 100% of the responsibility to finding this relationship squarely on the shoulders of the seminar participants and cuts off any excuses they might offer for being unhappily single.

3. The Flash Point Living Skills Workshop. Do you have members who are interested in serving and counseling at-risk populations in their community, e.g. the homeless, convicted felons, recovering addicts, etc. These at-risk populations have a host of problems that can make ministering to them a challenge, e.g. a spotty work history, criminal record, addictions issues, gang affiliations, no financial reserves, no network of family support, very little formal education, etc. Because of their myriads of problems, traditional problem-solving models don’t work with this population. What’s needed is an unconventional approach to problem-solving model that incorporates a faith-based solution that will get them from where they are to where they need to be, regardless of where they are or what needs they might have.

This 2-day “train-the-trainer” Living Skills Workshop will provide your members with the demonstrations, skills, tools and exercises they need to help this population attain affordable housing, meaningful work, dependable transportation, healthy relationships, financial stability and spiritual well-being. Over the past 18 years, the material in this workshop has been taught to hundreds of convicted felons, recovering addicts and the homeless, in prisons and churches across the state of Texas. This train-the-trainer workshop will qualify your members to counsel individuals one-on-one, or teach groups of individuals the Flash Point Process. At the end of this workshop, participants will receive a “Certified Flash Point Trainer” certificate.