All workshops begin at 8:00a.m. and end at 5:00p.m. with a one-hour lunch break on your own. Workshops are limited to 25 participants each. A course workbook and a copy of Baxter’s book, The Flash Point Process are included in the workshop fee. Participants will need to bring a pen and notepad to the workshop.

The 8-Hour Flash Point Seminar – The 5-Steps will facilitate your efforts to obtain the life balance you need to establish a clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning – the three prerequisites for Peace & Fulfillment. This faith-based workshop serves as a practical guide for those times when you find yourself at a Crossroads of Uncertainty, without a sustainable measure of peace or fulfillment. A “Crossroads of Uncertainty” is any juncture in life when you find yourself at an impasse, crippled by fear, worry or uncertainty, and are unclear about which way to turn or path to take.

The 8-Hour Flash Point Living Skills Course – “The objective of this faith-based course is to provide workshop participants with the Living Skills they need to attain the personal growth, spiritual development and physical well-being needed to establish the clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment.”

The 8-Hour Single Adult Seminar – This faith-based course was designed for those pastors whose congregations include large Single Adult populations. When dating is viewed as just one more “game” in life, the selection of a companion has less to do with seeking God’s will, and more to do with following one’s wants and desires. With so much disillusionment, divorce and unhappiness associated with failed relationships, it’s no wonder so many people are looking for a spiritual alternative to the “Dating Game.” Although you learn something from every relationship, to discover your “most essential relationship” requires that you cultivate the skills necessary to recognize the person who will extend his or her self for the purpose of meeting your needs, fulfilling your purpose, and together, create a Mutually Beneficial Relationship.

The 2-Day Train-The-Trainer Workshop – This faith-based course is for ministers, pastors, professional, therapeutic counselors and teachers who work with at-risk populations, e.g. the homeless, convicted felons, recovering addicts and former offenders as well as those members of your congregations in need of Living Skills. These populations often come with a number of obstacles that can hamper their efforts to attain affordable housing, meaningful work, healthy relationships, dependable transportation, financial stability, spiritual well-being, etc. These “obstacles” include some or all of the following: a spotty work history, no financial reserves, addiction issues, criminal record, no supportive family network, limited formal education, etc.

This two-day course will provide you with the skills, handouts and materials you need to teach the 8-hour Flash Point Living Skills Course.