February 19, 2020 Over my 40 years as an educator, minister and business consultant I have worked with many individuals and business owners who were having difficulty solving their problems. It has been my observation and experience that the primary reason they are having this difficulty is because they have failed to identify or define correctly the real problem.

I have learned that the swiftest and most effective way to begin identifying and defining these problems is to ask first the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?” To the degree that you want to know the answer, to this same degree will you find the answer. I base this on the 1st Primessential Principle which is, “The answer to every problem is inherent in the problem itself. The more clearly defined the problem, the more self-evident the solution.”

Ironically, the reason many people are hesitant to ask this question is because they they know what the real problem is, but since the real problem is with themselves they look elsewhere for solutions to their problem or blame others for their problem. Most individuals don’t want to acknowledge the real problem because this acknowledgement might threaten their self image, beliefs or worldview. Consequently they waste time, sometimes even years, thinking around the problem but not actually dealing with the real problem.

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2 July 2020 – In order to solve any problem, whether it be a career move, financial challenge or relationship concern, one needs to be able to see clearly the source and nature of that problem. I say this based on the 2nd Primessential Principle which states, “My perception creates my reality, and the more…

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