Purpose, Direction & Meaning in an Uncertain World.

In 1998 The Flash Point Institute was created for the sole purpose of helping individuals discover the path that will provide the lessons and experience you need to establish the clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning necessary to attain a sustainable measure of Peace & Fulfillment.

To this end, the Institute offers Flash Point books, seminars and workshops that offer a proven, faith-based 5-Step program to help individuals identify, define and solve their problems in order to get from where they are (at a Crossroads of Uncertainty) to where they need to be (on the path to Peace & Fulfillment).

Have you reached a point in your life where you long for a clear sense of purpose, direction and meaning? If this is the case, you’re not alone. A national poll revealed that a staggering 86% of the American population lacks a clear sense of purpose and meaning. This absence of purpose, direction and meaning creates an inner void of Peace & Fulfillment.

This Living Skills course provides a 5-Step, process that will help you fill this “void” by implementing an Experiment in Living Deliberately. This experiment is for those times when you find yourself at a Crossroads of Uncertainty and you are unclear about which way to turn or path to take And, you long to change to your circumstances or station in life.

This book serves as a spiritual guide to help individuals attain the personal growth, spiritual development and physical well-being necessary to make their life complete.

The Flash Point Process is a street-smart, problem-solving model designed to help you meet your needs for affordable housing, meaningful work, healthy relationships, dependable transportation, financial stability and spiritual well-being.